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The work on the pad is often off-putting, sometimes devoid of meaning if it isn’t ever tied to a musical context. However, by focusing on its use in an intelligent way and not only on the physical act, it’s possible to work on the technique ; such as rhythmic base (counting & singing), independence, sound, and tempo, in order to make you more than a good drummer technically, but a musician.


With this method, I hope first of all to share with you my way of working actively with the pad (chapter Active PAD). Active pad work takes into account the use of voice, feet and different metronome placements. You’ll understand … there will not be a moment of rest!


In the second phase, we will discuss in the chapter FROM PAD TO GROOVE, the work of different sticking on the pad and the step by step transition of this sticking to the kit. The goal here is to use the sticking not only to work on technique, but to generate a Groove.


You will work on :

-> Active Pad Concept

-> Nuances - Dynamics

-> Ghost notes

-> Using a metronome

-> Independence

-> Using your voice

-> Transferring technical work to the

creation of a Groove

-> Examples of orchestrations on the kit

-> Cowbell Grooves

-> Playing the Hi-Hat with your foot

in your Grooves


Translation by Susan Harold - Cover Page by Gerard Khüne - Design by Antoine Ladoué

From Pad To Groove

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